Wholesale discount inquiries need to be mailed to Popzybows@gmail.com. To be considered a vendor one needs to have a resale license in there residing state, this will be treated as a true vender discount, it will be for orders of stock items on the website with a minimum of $550.00 being ordered at minimum once a calendar month this discount will be 25% and $800 - 30% and $1400 being 41%  Venders will also be placed in priority status when ordering customs.  First orders will be placed at that time we will lock the ordering IP in and will only be allowed to order from that IP address.  this is to stop the sharing of vendor discounts.  The vender discount is scalable.  True wholesale is bulk ordering.  It is reserved for bulk orders.  An uploaded resell permit must be added. CUSTOMS??? *****?WHOLESALE?***** Wanted to explain our wholesale in a nutshell... People often ask do you do CUSTOMS wholesale?? Yes, we do, and it works best like this.... Let's say you have 10 images. You want 100 a piece of each image. Image 1 is 2.20x100=220.00 Image 2 is the discounted image 1.25x100=125.00 Image 3 220.00-110.00 so on and so on. Now when we print this way, we also try most of the time to squeeze pocket sizes of each image in there. So now for the math 125+220 / 2 =172.5/100 = 1.72 a transfer not factoring the free pockets which can be sold around $1.25 which makes each transfer 50ish or so cents.....................7-8 BUSINESS DAYS PRODUCTION SHIPPING USUALLY. Usually try to place a lot of freebies in the orders to. This is the best deal when re-selling. GLITTER INCLUDED    PNG FILES WITH WHITE BACKGROUND REMOVED. ABSOLUTELY NO EDITING UNLESS PRIOR AUTHORIZED. We print print ready files. 100 to much 30@150- discount second order 30@115   or 50@ 175 discounted 50@ 120 or 75        75@ 240 discounted order 75@ 130 Customs are 8-10 business days lead timing sometimes sooner, we use UPS on bulk customs shipping is calculated discounted rate. If you haven't tried our products here is a one-time discount code for 20 percent off. GIVE US A TRY https://diy-transfers.com/discount/TRYOURPRINTSNOSTRINGSATTACHED