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Press your OWN custom SUPPLIED image onto your own garment sizing is max 10.75 wide by 8.25 tall. These transfers are a great solution for your birthday shirts, party shirts, promotional type shirts where speed is needed and costs need to be low. They transfer great and have a amazing life cycle of 30-50 washes plus. These are high temp toner flex transfers, they have an amazing hand once washed.   Please make sure to read and understand the directions and product your purchasing.  PROCESSING TIME 3 BUSINESS DAYS 

              *************!DIRECTIONS FOR PRESSING!**************

Preheat the lower platen of the heat press for at least 15 seconds for best results.  Position the transfer sheet (print side down) onto the garment, cover the transfer sheet and garment with a Teflon sheet and press using a heat press at 390°F / 200°C for 15 seconds with medium pressure. It is suggested that you use heat resistant tape to secure the sheet to the garment. Otherwise, opening the press can cause the transfer sheet to lift prematurely. For polyester garments, press at a reduced temperature of 305°F / 150°C 6. Open the heat press and wait 5-7 seconds, then peel the transfer sheet diagonally in one smooth motion. The waiting time before peeling is very important. Do not peel immediately or too late. You might have to experiment with what works for your heat press. 7. Re-Pressing the image into the shirt is important for wash durability. It is best to re-press the image for roughly 8-10 seconds at 390°F / 200°C with kraft paper on top of the image for a matte finish. The Teflon sheet can also be used for a glossy finish with a reduced press time of 15 seconds. Wait a few seconds before removing the kraft paper (or Teflon sheet). Pull slowly in one smooth, continuous motion. While the garment is still on the press and still hot, lightly stretch the material to allow the toner to soak into the fabric.  NOW SHOW IT OFF!!!  


There are many variables that could produce different results after pressing. Specific steps may need to be altered based on: • Type and brand of Heat Press: The temperature and duration varies slightly based on the heat press being used. All instructions are based on using a Calibrated automatic press. Clam shell and swing away presses may also yield different results. • Type of image: Photos or full-color graphics may require a longer press time than vector images or text. • Type of garment: Cotton, Polyester, and Spandex material all respond differently to heat. All instructions are based on cotton garments. • Halftone and gradient art.   Halftones in image may cause undesired results. Make sure your images are at minimum 300dpi for amazing results..  

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