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Build your own Gang Sheet

Important Order Guidelines

  1. Build Your Own Gang Sheet: Use our 22 AND 30-inch wide film to create your own gang sheet with your artwork. Verify the clarity of your artwork using the checkerboard tool at the top right. We are not responsible for low-resolution images.

  2. No Discounts on Wholesale DTF: Discounts or rewards cannot be used on wholesale DTF orders. Orders using rewards will be canceled.

  3. Processing Times:

    • Standard1-5 business days.
    • Rush 1-2 business days.
    • Orders made after 10:00 AM CST will start processing the next business day.
    • Orders placed after 6:00 AM CST on Fridays will start processing the following Monday at 8:00 AM CST.
  4. Verify Your File: Ensure your file is correctly sized. Our printing process for gang sheets is automated, and we do not check jobs once submitted. Any discrepancies must be reported before cutting.

  5. File Attachments: Orders without attached files will be delayed. If you email your artwork, it may cause delays. Attach artwork directly from a web browser for rush orders.

  6. No JPEGs: We print JPEG files as is, with or without background removed.

  7. Payment Verification: Sezzle and Shop Pay orders start processing after payment is verified, which takes one full business day.

  8. Size and Quality: We do not warranty prints pressed on incorrect-sized presses. Double pressing voids the print. Ensure your artwork is correctly sized and of high resolution.

  9. Order Delays: Orders with incorrect files or missing attachments will default to a standard 10-day processing time.

  10. Live Builder Scale: Use our live builder scale to ensure your artwork is correctly sized. We provide a mockup for visual proof.

  11. Print Limitations: Designs smaller than 3mm may not print well. Tiny detail lines may show a faint white line.

  12. Color Matching: For reorders, submit a locked PMS code to ensure color consistency. Printing orders weeks apart may cause color variations.

  13. Bulk Discounts: Discounts are applied per image, not based on the total order quantity. Refer to stair-stepped pricing for bulk discounts.

  14. No Refunds for Custom Orders: Custom orders are final, and there will be no refunds. Verify your artwork before submission.

  15. Order Issues: Any order issues must be presented before the roll is cut, including damage or color issues. We do not accept cut transfers for verification.

  16. Tracking Your Order: Track your order at DIY-TRANSFERS.COM/TRACKING.

  17. Heat Press Instructions:

    • Temperature: 300-315°F
    • Time: 10-12 seconds
    • Pressure: Heavy
    • Peel: Warm-Cool or Hot, depending on your press.
  18. We Will Print Your Image: We will not print any copyrighted or hate-driven images. Ensure your image is correct before submission.

  19. Quality Control: We quality check every order and keep three QA samples for testing in case of issues with pressing. Use a calibrated, USA-made press for best results.

Remember: Verify your artwork and order details before submission. No refunds for user errors.

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