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Important Order Guidelines

  1. No Discounts on Wholesale DTF: Discounts or rewards cannot be used on wholesale Direct-to-Film (DTF) orders. If you use rewards, your order may be canceled.
  2. Verify Your Artwork: Our system automatically cancels orders with incorrect art or white backgrounds. Make sure to verify your artwork.
  3. Single File Orders: If you submit one file, we will print as many as fit in the selected size, close to adult size. Do not mirror your artwork.
  4. Discount Codes: Using discount codes may reduce the quantity ordered.
  5. Processing Time Options:
    • Shipping tomorrow
    • Shipping in 1-2 days
    • Shipping in 1-5 business days
  6. Gang Sheet Builder: If you need help creating a gang sheet, use our Gang Sheet Builder app. Upload your files into sheet format or purchase any of our files at no extra cost.
  7. Order Cut-Off Times:
    • Orders made after 10:00 AM CST will be processed the next business day.
    • Orders placed on Friday after 6:00 AM CST will start processing on Monday at 8:00 AM CST.
  8. Processing Times: Mixing processing times in an order will default to the slowest time. Rush orders mixed with standard orders will be processed as standard.
  9. File Attachments: Orders without attached files will be delayed or canceled. If you email your image, include the order number and PNG file with a transparent background.
  10. No JPEGs: We print JPEG files as is, with or without background removed.
  11. Color Matching: For color matching, include the PMS code and size in the order notes. Orders weeks apart may have color differences.
  12. Heat Press Instructions:
    • Temperature: 300-315°F
    • Time: 10-12 seconds
    • Pressure: Heavy
    • Peel: Warm-Cool or Cold, depending on your press.
  13. Mockups: You will receive a mockup of your file. Verify your artwork and order details before submission.
  14. No Infringements: We will not print any copyrighted or hate-driven images.
  15. Cancellations: Canceled orders will be charged a $7.50 processing fee.
  16. Bulk Discounts: Discounts are applied per image, not based on the total order quantity.
  17. PNG Files Required: We require a PNG file with a transparent background. No exceptions.
  18. Custom Orders: Custom orders are final, and there are no refunds. Verify your artwork carefully before submitting.
  19. Order Tracking: Track your order at DIY-TRANSFERS.COM/TRACKING.
  20. Ganged Images: Ganged images (multiple images on one sheet) must be spaced at least 1/4 inch apart.
  21. Artwork Storage: We store artwork for 15 days for reference or re-order, then it is deleted.
  22. Printing Issues: We are not responsible for issues caused by low-quality heat presses. Use a calibrated, USA-made press for best results.
  23. Coupon: If you've read all the details, use this coupon for 20% off your custom order:

Remember: Verify your artwork and order details before submission. No refunds for user errors.

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